Tectonic Plates - Feet - GR008

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10 Small footholds in the Tectonic Plates set. These footholds have small edges to toe in on as well as very low-profile sides for standing on vert

*Knife not included, knife dimensions are: Length: 6.5", Width: 1"

All of our climbing holds are polyurethane and proudly poured in Colorado, USA by industry leading Aragon Elastomers.

Tectonic Plates - Feet - GR008

The Tectonic Plates set is shaped with forced movement in mind so you can create and move climbers the way you want with this full line. The set is shaped with paired blocking holds so each hold can be made as good or as bad as you want! Each hold can be bolt-on or screw-on with screw holes drilled perpendicular to the wall for minimal damage to your gym.