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Working with climbing holds everyday, we knew exactly what types of climbing holds we liked and didn’t like. It was the climbing holds that we didn’t like that led us to create Grizzly Holds. Soon after we had made the decision to start our own company we started cutting into foam, lots of foam! We launched with our initial 5 sets: Tectonic Plates, Glaciers, Ridgelines, Floods, and Sinkholes


Grizzly Holds is owned and shaped by both Anthony Richard and Tomasz Wojtkowiak from Ontario, Canada. That’s right, we’re Canadians! Combined we have over 18 years in the climbing industry. Grizzly Holds are all manufactured using the best polyurethane at industry leading Aragon Elastomers in Colorado, USA


The indoor climbing industry is constantly moving further away from outdoor climbing. To try and keep our brand relevant and shapes fresh we wanted to bridge that connection between the outdoors and indoors. Creating a brand whose shapes are inspired by nature but enjoyed by gym climbers is our main goal. We take nature's shapes and smoothen out the edges to prioritize feel and ergonomics. This makes for big, super comfortable, versatile and aesthetic rock climbing holds.

Who is Grizzly Holds?

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Glaciers  climbing jugs set