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Our vision is to inspire routesetters through high-quality climbing holds with a focus on ergonomics, creativity, compatibility, and aesthetics. We want to provide climbers with a memorable and positive climbing experience in the gym.  

Grizzly Holds is a product of two small town routesetters who are obsessed with creative, quality, and most importantly, comfortable climbing holds.


We wanted to create
 our own holds company

This passion has led us to create our own brand where we can produce the holds that we want our customers climbing on for years to come. Timeless shapes that inspire routesetters to think outside the box and push routesetting into the future. If you have any questions please visit our FAQ's page. As well, don't forget to check out our Colors page to see what options you have for your holds order! Can't find the answer to your question on our website? Send us an email at or call at (905) 699-6012 and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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made us possible

Anthony Richard

Anthony Richard


Spending almost half of his life in the climbing industry, Anthony has quickly learned what works and what doesn't. He has a head full of awesome ideas and now its time to show them to the world.
Sets Shaped: Tectonic Plates, Floods, Sinkholes

Tomasz Wojtkowiak

Tomasz Wojtkowiak


With over 8 years in the climbing industry Tom has developed a good sense of feel and flow when it comes to indoor climbing. He has a great understanding of what your customer wants to climb on.
Sets Shaped: Glaciers, Ridgelines, Sinkholes